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Biodiversity database of West Africa

A database structured under Darwin Core standards, offering a stable, straightforward and flexible framework for sharing biodiversity data to managers, scientists and the general public.

Credits: Powell Ramsar,

The biodiversity database of West Africa is a service provided to Project Marafrica with the main aim of developing a stable, straightforward and flexible framework for sharing biodiversity data, making publicly available all the biodiversity records of the Banc D’Arguin National Park and the Bijagós archipelago to inform managers, scientists and the general public.

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Project Marafrica is a network for monitoring, integrating and assessing marine biodiversity data along the west africa to understand, predict and mitigate climatic / oceanographic changes. It is funded by the Aga-Khan Foundation and FCT-Portugal and Project STM - Survi des Tortues Marines.

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Jorge Assis [PhD, Associate Researcher]
Centre of Marine Sciences, University of Algarve [Faro, Portugal]
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