If you are interested in conducting your postdoc, PhD or MSc project on our team, we can discuss the possibility of helping secure your own funding. Please review available funding schemes (list below) and send us a one-page summary of your research idea, along with your CV. If you don’t have a clear research idea, have a look at our publications, and book a meeting with us.

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), which is the national public agency that supports research in science, technology and innovation in all areas of knowledge;
European Research Council (ERC), which is the premier European funding organisation for excellent frontier research. It funds creative researchers of any nationality and age, to run projects based across Europe;
”la Caixa” Foundation, which is committed to the present and future of people by focusing on those programmes with the greatest impact and capacity to transform.

  • Featured projects
High-performance computing projects climate change impacts on biodiversity

Experiments will identify regions of extinction, persistence and ocean-accessible, climatic corridors for biodiversity.

Marine Protected Areas Europe

MPA Europe will map the optimal locations for marine protected areas in European seas.

Paris Agreement and the redistribution of biodiversity

A project aiming to answer the central question of what will be the consequences of future climate changes to global marine biodiversity.

Bio-ORACLE, data layers for distribution modelling

Bio-ORACLE is a project aimed to provide high-resolution geophysical, biotic and environmental data for distribution modelling.


Jorge Assis [PhD, Associate Researcher]
Centre of Marine Sciences, University of Algarve [Faro, Portugal]
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