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Biodiversity data science code to conduct analyses exploring the processes driving the distribution of biodiversity, to provide high quality biodiversity impact assessments and to identify priority conservation areas.

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Downloading biodiversity records from iNaturalist

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Automatically download biodiversity records from iNaturalist, the most recognised citizen science initiative.

Marine climate layers for ecological modelling

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High-resolution marine data layers to model the distribution of species at global scales.

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Develop beautiful maps programmatically

We provide the basic elements and parameters to develop beautiful maps programmatically.

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Mapping Arctic sea ice extent

Map the present-day and projected (decade 2090-2100) Arctic sea ice extent with a few lines of code.

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Producing a shapefile of the Last Glacial Maximum

We provide code to produce a shapefile of landmasses of the Last Glacial Maximum.

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Standardized population genetic diversity

We provide code to estimate standardized genetic diversity to the smallest number of individuals under multiple randomizations.

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Minimum marine distances along coastlines

An implementation to determine minimum marine distances between coordinate points along coastlines.

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Producing a global map of Sea Surface Oxygen

We propose a simple implementation to produce a beautiful map of global Sea Surface Oxygen.

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Reducing spatial autocorrelation in SDM

A simple implementation in R to reduce the negative effect of spatial autocorrelation in distribution models.

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Jorge Assis [PhD, Research Assistant]
Centre of Marine Sciences, University of Algarve [Faro, Portugal]
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